Congress Themes

The Changing World of the Potato


Confirmed International SpeakersTheme Highlights
Professor Damien McLoughlin
University College Dublin

Cedric Porter
Managing Editor, World Potato Markets, UK

Lauren M Scott
CMO, Produce Marketing Association, USA

Chris Koch
Renowned Motivational Speaker, Canada

David Hughes
Emeritus Professor, Imperial College London

Tom Keogh
Keogh’s Farm, Dublin

• Value chain developments
• Added value products
• Consumer trends
• International trade
• Technology impacts
• Marketing initiatives
• Product types and processing
• Agribusiness


Confirmed International SpeakersTheme Highlights
Dan Milbourne
Potato Geneticist, Senior Research Scientist, Teagasc, Ireland

Franz Bernd Kruthaup
CEO Grimme, Germany

• Agronomy
• Blockchain technology
• Disruptive technologies
• Emerging issues and solutions
• Mechanisation and automation
• New breeding developments and varieties
• Pathology


Confirmed International SpeakersTheme Highlights
Katherine Beals
University of Utah, USA

Stu Baker
Senior Marketing Manager, AHDB, UK

John Toaspern
Chief Marketing Officer, Potatoes USA

• Consumer nutrition studies
• Micronutrition
• Potato nutraceuticals
• The role of the potato in global nutrition


Confirmed International SpeakersTheme Highlights
Tom Arnold
Former CEO, Concern Worldwide, Ireland

Hannelore Beerlandt
CEO AgriCord, Belgium

Yalin Yang
CPC Party Secretary for Zhaotong, China

• Food security
• Social impact studies
• Development case studies
• Global challenges


Confirmed International SpeakersTheme Highlights
Tara McCarthy
CEO, Bord Bia, (Irish Food Board), Ireland

Dr. Mark Lyons
President and CEO, Alltech

Elmar Schulte Gelderman
Professor for Organic Agricultutre and Sustainable Cropping Systems, University of Applied Sciences Bingen, Germany.

Brian Kilgallen
EU Commission, Brussels

David Zaruk
Professor at Odisee University College, Brussels

Oscar Ortiz
Deputy Director General for Research and Development, CIP, Peru

• Climate studies
• Agrochemical management and product development
• Water management and irrigation
• Integrated pest management
• Economic impacts and incentives